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High-performing teams are a must in this world of high competition and higher expectations. Virtual teams are a fact of life. They are increasingly common in all organisations, given the common use of shared resources, increasing number of cross-organisational projects, partnering, and outsourcing, and the increase in the number of people who telecommute or have flexible hours.

Virtual teams are a challenge. Members cross cultures, time zones, and organisations and often communicate over significant distances using electronic means.


We will explore how to manage virtual teams by addressing issues of cultural and personal diversity, communication, and coordination issues. People, processes, and tools must be addressed.

The complexity of global business and the reality of multi-site and remote working means teams need to establish a high-performance environment on a virtual basis. This workshop is for leaders of virtual teams. It takes well-established models for high-performance and inclusion in teams and uses them as a backdrop to explore and identify specific strategies and tactics for raising the game in your virtual teams.

Customised Delivery    Duration

Face to Face                         2 hours plus pre-work
Virtual                                    2 hours plus pre-work

  • Virtual team self-assessment (pre-work) and analysis
  • The need for high performing inclusive teams in the 21st Century
  • Perceptions of where our teams are now
  • How inclusion contributes to team effectiveness
  • Tools for addressing root causes of problems
  • Actions for creating greater inclusion and high performance

This workshop provides an opportunity for peer discussion around what will create the platform for high performance in their virtual teams. Leaders will be required to take the themes and actions discussed back to their own teams for further exploration and discussion within the virtual team.

  • Articulate how inclusive practices drive success in virtual teams
  • Understand what inclusion looks like for virtual team working
  • Begin to identify factors that undermine their team’s effectiveness
  • Start to identify inclusive practices for high performance in their teams.