Hiring Manager Inclusive Interview Skills2021-11-15T19:24:32+00:00

Hiring Manager Inclusive Interview Skills


The actions, decisions and behaviors of your Hiring Managers are pivotal in whether you follow hiring practices that achieve the best possible standards or simply crash and burn when considering robust and objective outcomes.

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Hiring is at the coal face of many organization’s efforts in increasing representation of difference, commonly seen as the “silver bullet” in bringing in diversity. At its best, it’s an effective recruitment process that is a highly reliable, objective and equitable way to hire in top performers from any background. At its worst, hiring can be an unregulated nightmare where biases replace objective evidence and where candidate experiences depend wholly on who is taken a shine to.

This training seeks to ensure that Hiring Managers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to prioritize equity, objectivity and inclusion into arguably their most critical hiring activity – the interview and the calibration session