Building Inclusion Globally

Who We Are

PDT Global is a worldwide inclusion and diversity training consultancy.  We enable our clients to create inclusive workplaces where everyone with the capability and desire to excel can do so.  With over 20 years of experience in strategy, cultural change and leadership development, we bring the expertise of learning to today’s business world and the strategic need to enable diversity through creating inclusive cultures.

What We Do

At PDT Global, we’ve been leaders in the delivery of highly interactive and impactful live virtual and in person inclusion and leadership training for more than a decade. The following solutions are all available through virtual technology of all kinds, or as face to face workshops and in multiple languages. All may be tailored to your cultural context and are available as Train the Trainer through license options. They may also be successfully adapted for conferences.

With our Digital Solutions we combine our learning and development knowledge with our inclusion training capacity, focus group expertise and digital embedding/measurement capability to design bespoke solutions across geographies, divisions and often entire global organizations.  Ranging from a short 30 second nudge or 5 minute animation to a longer 30 minute e-learning or ongoing Conversation Guide, your engagements may last from weeks to years!

Take a look at some of our programmes below

Exec & Senior Leaders

Today’s leaders must utilise the full power of  inclusion


Modules designed to address issues from specific positions

People Managers

Maximising the contribution and effectiveness of People Managers

Women’s Leadership

Kick some glass and shatter your limitations

DEI Consultancy

When was the last time a training programme felt right for you?  Let us create a pathway for you.

Digital Learning

Learning opportunities including: small microlearning experiences, interactive videos and digital publications

Face to Face

Facilitator-friendly and full of energetic exercises which address specific scenarios employees face

Virtual Classroom

An online classroom that allows participants to communicate and interact like an in-person session

Our Philosophy

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Overwhelmingly, we believe that whatever we deliver must work for your company and dovetail with your current models, strategy and culture.

While we have deep diversity expertise and understand fully what categories are protected in different geographies, we hold a deep belief that what it means to have a fully inclusive workplace that welcomes difference, needs to change. It’s only by creating an environment where everyone with the capability and desire to excel can do so that diversity efforts will offer a return on investment.

Inclusion is not the new buzz word for diversity.  Inclusion means every people-leader from the CEO down must understand and articulate the strategic or business outcome based on reasons for doing the work.

Inclusion means everyone needs to know that despite all of the great efforts to create diversity, we are moving at a snail’s pace, and that much of the reason for this lies in our brain’s hard wiring and our deepest fears.  We help leaders become more vulnerable, and humble, judging people differently and knowing themselves well enough to bring about change in their own leadership practice.

Engaging With Us

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Whatever your needs, from an unconscious bias programme for 12 managers to a cultural shift for hundreds of thousands of employees, the first person you will meet from PDT will be one of our account managers. Our account managers are hired based on their backgrounds within specific business industries, so during your first contact they’ll listen to your business need and help you explore options for working with PDT.

Depending on the need, we may suggest a pre-diagnostic focus group, consultancy meeting, or a variety of workshops. New clients are always welcome to “try before you buy” – experience our training, micro-learning, or digital interventions first hand.

At this point, we’ll engage with you as long as it takes to arrive at the right solution. We are interested in long term partnerships. Once actions have been agreed you will be assigned a dedicated project manager to take care of as much or as little of the logistics as you want.

So, however you are working with us, you will have a team dedicated to helping you create that inclusive environment.