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Inclusive Leaders

Today’s leaders must leverage the full power of diversity by sharpening their inclusive leadership skills.  Inclusive leaders intentionally bring out the full potential of their team by empowering and valuing the unique contributions of individual employees.

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Intact Teams

Imagine the collective capacity to learn and work together when interdependent teams at all levels collaborate to create a more inclusive workplace. Our sessions are a great addition to your team meetings – and our virtual live classrooms allow your team to experience workshops as though they were in one location together.

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A lot of organisations say that while individual contributors have opportunities to lead on a project, in their daily work they’re not really a leader. They get functional training to do their job, but they’re left out of the professional development piece. PDT offers a suite of solutions specifically designed for individual contributors.  They learn how to be inclusive team members and practice the behaviours needed for a diverse & inclusive workplace.

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Specialist Programmes

These programmes offer a selection of our more in-depth offerings and also those that have been designed for a specific need or geographical area. It gives a flavour of how flexible we can be and also offers the chance to discover more about some different ways of supporting the inclusion and diversity messages in your enterprise.

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Developing Female Talent

As always, our approach is to work with you to craft the best development programmes for your females – at any level. We can craft a year-long modularised programme for middle managers or a “board potential “strategic programme for your more senior women. Our expertise falls into three areas; strategic acumen, development and care of self and the more practical career development modules. Experience has taught us that developing the line managers along with the women is essential and so our “Supporting the careers of Women“ workshops are an essential part of your improving pipeline.

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Building Virtual Teams

Keeping teams performing and aligned on success is a challenge even when you get to meet up. In this new world of sustainability and Coronavirus, we have to look to new strategies and ways to ensure that our teams continue to collaborate and keep close together.
PDT Global has expertise in designing and delivering many, many exciting and results orientated off-site and team building events over 20 years – we also have deep knowledge of live virtual learning. We’ve brought two modularized programmes suitable for teams of all kinds and all levels.

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Leading Remote Teams

At times of change, leaders need to stay ahead of the curve with their knowledge. The big changes at work for us all include Climate change, sustainability and the new threat from Covd-19. Our leaders are being expected to overnight be able to manage teams they may well never get to meet in person. Remote teams need good leadership practice to ensure they continue to perform. This programme gives the skills to ensure it continues.

Don’t Work with People You Don’t Like. Like More People.

~ Angie Peacock