Inclusion as a Strategic Driver2021-11-01T12:40:15+00:00

Inclusion as a Strategic Driver


The time to reconsider how we approach diversity and inclusion at a strategic level is now. The great work that has been done to date now needs to be reinvigorated and the power groups need to be re-engaged.

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This programme allows Execs and Senior Leaders to explore in depth the many ways inclusion can improve their organization and business results.  It combines the latest thinking and language on inclusion with practical strategic approaches, a deep understanding of bias at a personal values level and a planning module where appropriate.

Diversity itself is explored as a broader topic than simply the current strands or protective characteristics, and the delegates begin to look inwards and recognise their own needs to feel safe and comfortable with other human beings, and the links these personal needs have to bias itself, and we take a deep dive into the effect of bias and close with a practical approach and personal commitment.