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Inclusion initiatives will only have a positive impact on the business if they have the support and commitment of the top levels of leadership. This workshop equips the C- Suite, Boards, Executive and Senior Leadership Teams with the practical cultural skills to function as inclusive leaders who leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion throughout the company.


With today’s shifting demographics and continued globalisation, organisations must embrace diversity and inclusion (D&I) not only as a means to enhance business performance but also as an enabler of innovation and collaboration.

Unlike traditional diversity programmes, Inclusion as a Strategic Driver helps your executives explore the outcomes of their own specific business objectives – taking a frank and practical look at the risks of failing to create an inclusive workplace. This workshop paves the way for executive teams to think differently – with open, honest discussions that help you discover the benefits of unlocking a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                  1/2 Day
Virtual                                             3 Hour Session

Who Will Benefit?  

This session is designed for Boards, Executive and Senior Leadership teams.

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Your executives will engage in a series of real-world discussions and exercises designed to align the strategic and measurable delivery of your business objectives to the creation of an inclusive environment where everyone with the capability can be seen, be heard and excel. As a team, leaders will discover how their individual biases and group dynamics could be impacting their ability to produce the best results.

  • The direct link between inclusion and your strategic business goals.
  • The personal and business impact of unconscious bias.
  • Accountable actions to drive cultural change across your organisation.
  • Leveraging inclusion as a competitive and global advantage.
  • Identify the importance of inclusion in their leadership role as a key strategic enabler.
  • Face their own biases and their origins as an essential part of being a 21st-century leader.
  • Recognise the impact of implicit/explicit bias in the decision-making processes.
  • Articulate clearly the ways in which the organisation’s internal environment can drive strategic achievement.
  • Develop a measurable action plan that drives change across the organisation at a personal and team level.
  • Understand the business process for diversity and inclusion within the day to day operating environment
  • Understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion as a strategic approach to meeting workplace, workforce and marketplace goals
  • Review and build on the Organisation’s Financial’s definitions of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Agree on the business motives for the diversity process at the Organisation
  • Understand the Diversity and Inclusion Process
  • Examine the impact of organisational culture and behaviours on employee engagement
  • Identify the activities and behaviours needed to support and maintain a Best Place to Work culture
  • Crystallise diversity’s linkage to Operations (i.e. marketing, underwriting, sales, customer service, etc.)
  • Identify the importance of the Executive’s role in the diversity and inclusion process