Inclusion, Bias and being a True Ally2021-11-15T19:15:33+00:00

Inclusion, Bias and being a True Ally


Line Managers at all levels generally understand it is part of their role to select and then get the best out of their people. Many will say they focus on this already and take considered steps to ensure they are being fair and supportive.

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Taking an inclusive approach is about recognising that even when we set out to be ‘fair and supportive’ our unconscious thinking can undermine our intent. Managers therefore need to adopt a more informed and intentional approach to gain the edge in how they drive results through their people. This programme provides that edge.

The content covers four key areas offering observation, awareness and practical action. As always, we work with you ahead of the sessions to decide where to put the emphasis, especially when time is more restricted and content must be adapted according to your priorities.