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The modern workplace is built around diverse teams that come together to strategise, develop products, leverage each other’s strengths, solve business and institutional challenges, and keep their organisations competitive.

Inclusion training for teams helps facilitate cross-cultural communication and enhances productivity, both inside and outside the workplace. You may already have a sense of what a diversity program looks like at your company, but how are your teams communicating together?


A discovery call precedes the clinic with the SME who will be facilitating the session. This is to ensure that the session is absolutely tailored to the team’s needs and issues, the experiences in country and region and the level of unconscious bias awareness already present within the team.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                  2 hours
Virtual                                             2 hours

  • Refresh the importance of inclusion to teams and create a safe place for the discussion that follows.
  • A facilitated 3-step process to identify ways of working that undermine inclusion within the team; examine the impact; and agree individual and collective actions to address.

Team wide commitments for behavioural change to create better team working.

  • A team that has become honest about the unwritten rules and the unconscious bias it carries
  • A team that recognises inclusion as a driver for strategic business success
  • A team that has measurable actions and deliverables to address the inclusion challenges
  • A team that understands the impacts of micro-behaviours on team performance
  • A team that understands the impact of implicit/explicit bias on its decision-making processes