Inclusive Behaviours for Managers2021-11-27T15:24:24+00:00

Inclusive Behaviours for Managers


PDT’s Inclusive Behaviors Model draws on inclusion and leadership research* from authors such as Burnham, Goleman and Kahneman. It paints a clear picture for what inclusive behavior means in practice and allows for personal progress to be tracked.

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As part of a roll out it also allows for practical ideas around how to move inclusion forwards to be captured and reused as embedding post the workshops.

The model offers six areas of behavior that drive your leaders in a practical, action orientated way, whilst also reinforcing the message that it is only through self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of the entire inclusion agenda that we will move things forward and create inclusive workplaces.

The workshop can be combined with other PDT workshops upfront to introduce the topics of inclusion and diversity and position the importance of inclusion as a strategic driver for your business.