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Inclusive Language


How we communicate with other people in the workplace shapes our work and relationships in countless ways.  From speaking to teammates, to leading a team or a meeting, the words you use hold an enormous amount of power and can make or break a healthy organizational culture.

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Using inclusive language can create a sense of belonging and allow all employees, particularly those from underrepresented groups, to feel included and understood.

This program is created for those who want to harness the power of inclusive language, to communicate respectfully and create productive teams who feel understood. This session provides the perfect opportunity to get things wrong, to ask the awkward question and broaden your understanding of language, it will break down the myths and fears of language around diversity & inclusion, to enable participants to have important conversations around inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Delegates will be left feeling empowered to have those conversations that truly move the dial around diversity and inclusion, having reflected on the language that they use, and the impact it may have on others.