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PDT Global works with each of our clients to develop inclusive leaders.  Whether it’s a similar programme that we have delivered previously or one that is tailored just for you – we’ll develop an inclusion training strategy the works for your team.

Inclusion as a Strategic Driver

This workshop enables your senior leaders to be real about creating an inclusive environment and to understand what it can do for the business. It is hard hitting from the very start and leaves leaders in no doubt about the future effect of not doing this work on their specific business areas. It changes views and alters thinking.

We begin with an alternative approach to the definitions of diversity and inclusion, and then we envision how having inclusion as a strategic driver and a prerequisite to diversity is NOT about selling the business reasons – it’s about allowing the leaders to reach their own conclusions.

At the top level, this is run by experienced strategists who guide the participants to make real connections between inclusion and the strategy of the business. No platitudes and rehearsed speeches – it’s all about how having an inclusive workplace will make the business better. Participants are given a safe space to explore the areas they believe will be impacted and to also share ones that inclusion will have little or no effect upon. They’ll be able to articulate this to all levels within the enterprise.

And, if you leverage this workshop for intact teams, there’s a capture and feedback option.

A similar program is offered for managers, which has them reflect on their particular part of the business.  How will inclusion drive or hinder what they have to achieve – and how will they articulate this inclusion message to an employee who doesn’t express an interest?

Unconscious Bias

PDT Global has a reputation for some of the most experiential and engaging Unconscious Bias programmes. Our standard, off the shelf UB training is very unique.  We bring a deep self-awareness and understanding of the science and application of UB that applies to the real world your team finds themselves in.

Leveraging the latest learning tools, we bring UB to life with a combination of drama, practical tips, self-discovery and storytelling.  Participants leave with proven tools and tips to immediately reduce their own bias and the ability to recognise how it effects them each day.

Bias is one of the commonalities we all have as humans. This programme allows participants to realise how common and often ridiculous these biases can be. It’s a fun, challenging and applicable approach that can be adapted for all managers within your organisation.

We often deliver this workshop in two parts.  First, awareness raising and learning how to bring the unconscious into the conscious.  Then we’ll have a gap in the training to allow managers to put their tools and tips into practice.  Finally, we’ll come together again to drive practical actions for individual managers and the organisation as a whole.

This workshop is ideal for our virtual classroom – bringing individuals from disparate locations together without having to incur the travel costs and extended time away from the office.

Inclusive Behaviours

Our model for inclusive behaviours is based upon the research of respected leadership experts and then combined with results we see overall from our client engagements.   It goes beyond academia to include thoughts experienced with real-world experiences. 

The model itself comes with a simple self-assessment where participants at all levels examine themselves.

  • An action driven workshop that involves a self-assessment for managers to explore how they see themselves in terms of inclusion – and if done within their own team how they are viewed by others.
  • Each manager will develop a list of commitments and actions to move forward with.
  • Finally, you might consider an opportunity to have PDT Global come back together with your team to help you evaluate how new inclusive behaviours have driven change enhanced business results.

We often deliver this workshop as a conference session which offers your organisation a chance to capture overall actions and allows teams to work together across functions.


Often having those difficult conversations around all manner of topics in this space is a challenge for leaders. It can actually seem more daunting the higher they climb in the enterprise. This workshop offers the chance to explore and develop real skills to lead and manage in the 21st century.

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