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While most organizations establish talent management goals to ensure that they attract and retain employees who represent diverse groups, many fall short of these goals. This workshop offers a fresh perspective that reframes talent management by examining processes and practices for recruiting, on-boarding and engaging employees, through an inclusive lens.


Ensuring your organization has a broad mix of top talent is a critical issue for brand and business sustainability. Recruiting productive, innovative, quality minded, multigenerational, multicultural and diverse employees is far more complex than ever before. In order to be successful, recruiters need additional knowledge, confidence, tools and skills in order to meet the inclusive needs of the organization. The Inclusive Recruitment Masterclass is designed as a one day training program for Recruiters and Hiring Managers to help them develop and incorporate key inclusive recruiting skills into actual job responsibilities. This program makes their existing behavioural interviewing, selection, and recruiting processes more effective by generating a larger, more diverse pool of qualified candidates

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Who Will Benefit?  

Recruiting professionals

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The Inclusive Recruiting workshop takes recruiting professionals through the latest inclusive thought leadership strategies and teaches best practices to ensure your organization has access to the best talent available. The program increases participants’ understanding of the impact that unconscious bias can have on the inclusiveness of the process and the overall outcome.

  • Inclusive recruiting —definition and business case.
  • Recognise the consequences of attitudes & behaviours and understand how they impact recruitment and your success.
  • Learn and practice skills for sourcing, recruiting and selecting top talent.

Practical, tactical action plans enable recruiters  to identify important recruiting and selection knowledge, skill and process gaps in their own areas of responsibility.

  • By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
    • Provide hiring managers a competitive advantage when attracting, hiring and retaining the best, diverse talent.
    • Teaches best practices for inclusive hiring at every step of the recruitment process.
    • Sharpens skills to inform, inspire and initiate conversations to involve all team members in the inclusion process.