A lot of organisations say that while individual contributors have opportunities to lead on a project, in their daily work they’re not really a leader. They get functional training to do their job, but they’re left out of the professional development piece.

PDT offers a suite of solutions specifically designed for individual contributors.  They learn how to be inclusive team members and practice the behaviours needed for a diverse & inclusive workplace.

Inclusion for All

Bringing the inclusion message to large groups of people is something we can do easily and across all geographies and levels. Designing a workshop series that reflects your organisation’s current values and behaviour statements will be the key to making the messages stick. Through interactive videos, self-awareness exercises and applying all theory to the practice of what your people actually do all day we can help change happen.

PDT Global has years of experience in bringing the inclusion message to thousands very quickly. Using a combination of Live Virtual,conference presentations and our amazing micro learning we can touch your employees wherever they are and however they may be ready to hear the messages and absorb the learning. Talk to us about a blended approach that can be delivered in multiple languages and across multiple geographies.

We can even help you decide what the messages should be and using a combination of our existing material and something made just for your company can share your intent to create an inclusive and diverse environment, and within budgetary constraints!


PDT Global has a reputation for some of the most experiential and engaging Unconscious Bias programmes. Our standard, off the shelf UB training is very unique.  We bring a deep self-awareness and understanding of the science and application of UB that applies to the real world your team finds themselves in.

Leveraging the latest learning tools, we bring UB to life with a combination of drama, practical tips, self-discovery and storytelling.  Participants leave with proven tools and tips to immediately reduce their own bias and the ability to recognise how it effects them each day.

Bias is one of the commonalities we all have as humans. This programme allows participants to realise how common and often ridiculous these biases can be. It’s a fun, challenging and applicable approach that can be adapted for all managers within your organisation.

We often deliver this workshop two parts.  First, awareness raising and learning how to bring the unconscious into the conscious.  Then we’ll have a gap in the training to allow managers to put their tools and tips into practice.  Finally, we’ll come together again to drive practical actions for individual managers and the organisation as a whole.

This workshop is ideal for our virtual classroom – bringing individuals from disparate locations together without having to incur the travel costs and extended time away from the office.


Often having those difficult conversations around all manner of topics in this space is a challenge,   This workshop is an excellent way to bring inclusion to life for your individual contributors.

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