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There are huge benefits to an existing team experiencing any of our programmes together – and our use of advanced virtual live classrooms means they don’t even need to travel – although we still deliver many face to face workshops too.

The following programmes though are specifically for those teams to come together .

Inclusion Clinics

Sometimes it helps to have access to instant assistance when a team is stuck on a particular inclusion area – or simply wants fresh ideas about where next to go to on their journey. Usually although not exclusively using ALVA platforms we bring together teams to address what is really happening within their own group. In a 90 minute session our subject matter expert facilitator will help them either address a current issue (“Still not seeing a diverse group of applicants” “Client facing roles still predominately going to men”) or will help them put a diversity/inclusion action-plan together. As facilitators we ensure that the learning of how to address these matters is introduced into the team by using break out groups and other technology to land very practical steps.

Often our clinics are an optional offering following other workshops – or are seen as the all important embedding.

Remote Virtual Teambuilding

In our world of cost cutting, where global teams working remotely rarely get the chance to meet – let alone develop bonds and insights – it is often they who report a lack of inclusion. This can result in those closest to the leader being the continued “Go to” people, or opportunities for innovation being missed just because we hadn’t realised a key fact about a colleague working on the other side of the world. Our team building programme solves this and offers the chance for teams to build, and so deliver greater performance wherever they are in the world.

Over a series of 4-6 x 2 hour virtual classroom sessions over 6-12 months it delivers the same results as the best in person workshops. Delegates play games, share insights, take part in group discussions and even explore the practical aspects of improving collaboration and so performance. Making full use of our technology we can conduct behavioural analysis, explore how to improve communication and even go deeper to look at the fears and vulnerabilities at work in the team.

Often teams return to us for “top up” workshops to ensure all stays well.

Behavioural Analysis: Driving Team Inclusion

After a brief online analysis, we engage your team in a discussion around how they typically work together – recognising their tendencies to select people in their own behavioural image, not just in their physical image.

This workshop leaves no stone unturned in exploring a team’s propensity for hiring people who they either ‘like’ or who make them feel ‘safe’. We look at the future business effect of doing this and explore just how some behavioural combinations make it difficult for anyone new to be made to feel a part of the team, let alone anyone who behaves differently.

This workshop leaves you with a truly inclusive team that has explored their current approach to working together and defined a new way of working together in the future based on behavioural awareness.


Often having those difficult conversations around all manner of topics in this space is a challenge,   Running this workshop in a team environment offers a chance to create a solid base for honesty and integrity.

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