Making Inclusions Real: Beyond UB Training2021-11-14T16:35:49+00:00

Making Inclusion Real: Beyond UB Training


Do your leaders ‘Walk the Talk?’ This customised, hard-hitting workshop challenges your leaders to really explore their personal inclusion hooks and redefine their behaviors in light of your organizational goals. Together we tackle often overlooked institutional bias and provide leaders with the actions to drive inclusion across their own teams and the wider business.

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Inclusion isn’t just the responsibility of those with words “Inclusion”, “Diversity”, “Equity” or “Belonging” in their job titles. Inclusion requires consistent effort from all employees demonstrating it through their behaviours and prioritising it in their actions, decisions and processes.  This is vital work that starts and stops with steadfast commitment and real action of a key group of people – your senior leaders and executive team.

Your top teams play the most vital role in shaping the shift towards inclusion; their belief in the value of this work, the visibility they give to inclusion efforts and their clear expectations of inclusive behaviours. They embody your culture like no other stakeholders, setting the tone of what is acceptable, what is culturally significant and who does or does not get access to opportunity. PDT Global has devised a training experience that will challenge your leaders to reflect deeply on their roles as change agents