Managers Supporting the Progression of Women2021-11-27T15:10:50+00:00

Managers Supporting the Progression of Women


Managers have a crucial role in creating the conditions for everyone in their team to succeed. It is, however, undeniable that where we see gender pay gaps, a lack of equity or parity of opportunity, managers may need to explore a different approach to supporting the women in their own teams.

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Delivered as either an essential complement to your existing gender initiatives or a standalone activity, this workshop addresses ways in which managers may support both their direct reports and the progression of women more generally.

The workshops are tailored to your individual starting point, brought to life with your own gender pipeline data and delivered in the context of your journey towards the transparency and accountability needed to drive change within your organization.

A dynamic and highly interactive blend of discussion, presentation and activities, the workshops will excite your managers to action, and also offer feedback on the ‘unwritten rules’ at play in your business.