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Our masterclass for recruiters is designed to ensure your recruiters can and do enable a truly inclusive recruitment practice which drives diverse results. The programme is modular and can be run as a full one-day face-to-face programme, or virtually as a series of 3 x 2-hour advanced webinars.  A blend of both methods is also possible. Action planning and further embedding options are available.

Module one – Strategic Inclusion in Recruiting

This module ensures that the recruiters in your organisation truly understand what the impact of sustaining an inclusive recruitment process means to the success of your organisation and its relevance as part of the overall employee lifecycle.  We help them to use visuals, storytelling and data to enable them to understand the difference between diversity and inclusion, and the impact on specific areas of your strategy (Business development, risk assessment, technological integration, geographical expansion and cultural change).

Outcomes include:

  • A deep understanding of the strategic necessity of creating an inclusive workforce
  • The ability to have challenging conversations across the organisation.


Module two – How Bias Prevents Inclusion – What Recruiters can do.        

We introduce the concept of both conscious and unconscious bias and explore their impacts on recruitment. We move the delegates beyond the simple concepts of negative and affinity biases to the more complex benevolent and inter-sectional biases.

Outcomes include:

  • The ability to identify and reduce conscious and unconscious bias in themselves
  • A deep understanding of the impact of bias in recruitment professionals if left unchecked


Module three – Mitigating Bias in the Recruiting Process

In this module, the recruiters consider the entire recruitment process and then focus on/explore an end to end process.  They identify the possible points in the process where bias may occur and decide how they can positively effect this. We share the practice of “Governance Guidelines” (if appropriate to your organisation), simple action for each stage that ensure an inclusive approach. Finally, the process is revisited from an inclusive perspective and the points that can be harnessed to promote inclusion are identified.

Outcomes include:

  • A group of recruiters equipped to identify the “pinch points” in any process that can promote inclusion or create inclusion.


Module four – Bias Reduction Tools

Recruiters are often in a position where they need the hiring manager to think differently, or to take an alternative perspective during the recruitment process. Our tools and techniques offer a practical approach that can be used whatever the hierarchy differences. Using real situation application, the recruiters discover the step-by-step techniques and apply them in the learning situation.  Through role-play and case studies, we recreate the kind of conversations they will need to have to help others overcome their biases.

Outcomes include:

  • A capability to use 2 bias reduction tools that both challenge and support reduction in others
  • Personal commitments to driving change across your recruitment operation