Masterclass for I&D Councils and Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)2019-07-01T12:43:54+00:00

Our masterclasses are designed to ensure that all members of ERG groups and I&D Councils truly understand and can articulate how creating an inclusive environment can drive success. Beyond the simple burning platform, we work with them to truly understand how the levers that will ensure the strategic plan of the entity will work better with an environment of inclusion driving it. A deep piece of work around bias and the tools to converse at all levels are also shared.

Module one – Inclusion, Diversity and Success

This module ensures that your delegates are fully aligned on how creating an inclusive environment in the organisation is key to driving the business results for the entity by creating an environment where everyone can excel, be heard, share ideas and where difference is welcomed and harnessed. We use visuals, storytelling and data to enable them understand the difference between inclusion and diversity, and the impact on specific areas of your strategy (Business development, risk assessment, technological integration, geographical expansion and cultural change).

Outcomes include:

  • A deep understanding of the strategic necessity of creating an inclusive workforce
  • How this work fits with the wider plans for the entity
  • The ability to have challenging conversations across the organisation.


Module two – How Reducing Bias Drives Inclusion

We introduce the concept of both conscious and unconscious bias and explore their impacts on inclusion. We move the delegates beyond the simple concepts of negative and affinity biases to the more complex benevolent and inter-sectional biases. This session has the delegates recognise their own biases and gain some tips to reduce them in their role as ambassadors.

Outcomes include:

  • The ability to identify and reduce conscious and unconscious bias in themselves
  • The knowledge to raise awareness of its impact in the wider organisation.


Module three – Inclusion Promotion and Bias Reduction tools

Ambassadors are often in a position where they need to affect other managers to think differently about a specific topic or individual. Our tools and techniques offer a practical approach that can be used whatever the hierarchy differences. Using real situation application, the delegates discover the step-by-step techniques and apply them in the learning situation.  Through role-play and case studies, we recreate the kind of conversations they will need to have to help others overcome their biases.

Outcomes include:

  • A capability to use 2 bias reduction tools that both challenge and support reduction in others.


Module four – Action Planning and Commitments

This module has the group bring together the concepts they have explored to identify what next steps they might take. The format of this module will be agreed to align with your current approach and what is wanted/possible as a result of the input.

Outcomes include:

  • A Diversity Committee or ERG with the knowledge to drive and support change within the organisation.