Measuring Inclusion Webinar – July 12 – 11am GMT

Inclusion Measurement and Metrics – the key to creating diversity or a mighty distraction?

12 July 2018  |  11:00am (GMT)

In this interactive live webinar, Angie will explore the definition of inclusion as being:

“The creation of an environment where everyone
with the capability to excel can do so.”

With a background in both strategy and culture change, Angie believes that in driving for diversity alone we ignore the very thing that gives it power and allows companies to see a tangible business difference-INCLUSION.

Angie will take us through an hour’s conversation and sharing with colleagues as we debate the ways we can both measure inclusion in our companies and also hold managers accountable for driving inclusion ahead. She will share more of the thread that ties inputs to results.

We are all familiar with the metrics of diversity- however capturing a benchmark for inclusion presents potentially more complex challenges-far from downgrading the pure diversity conversation we believe that a solid action-centered measurement of inclusion offers the chance to power up the diversity numbers.

PDT Global has identified and put into practice a way of doing this – that combines four  main elements. Angie will share what this looks like and then encourage discussion among attendees about what your own company has done and how this has been measured.

In this best practice conversation we will facilitate lively breakout sessions where you can share with peers in a closed environment, and hopefully gain some good ideas to take away.

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