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710, 2022

6 Ways to Leverage Mergers and Acquisitions to Build Better Inclusion

Is it ever too soon to talk about DE&I? In this article, Angie Peacock, Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at PDT Global, argues that it’s never too early to integrate DE&I thinking in a merger or acquisition process. Mergers and acquisitions can be a source of significant stress and upheaval for any organization. Even when managed well, they’re certain to disrupt employee lives. In this context, diversity, equity, and inclusion can quickly fall off the agenda, with the excuse that everyone [...]

2609, 2022

Understanding and Identifying Tokenism (Plus, 5 Ways to Avoid It!)

Organizations can undermine their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts when marketing and key hiring decisions veer into tokenism. In this article, PDT Global’s Taniya Sonko explores the line between genuinely diverse best practices and tokenism, offering five key tactics that will help you affect lasting change. When strategies for improving an organization’s diversity are initially considered, one of the first entrenched ideas that must be challenged is having an entirely homogenous workforce. Then, once a company has begun assembling a diverse pool [...]

2309, 2022

5 Ways Organizations Can Reduce the Impact of the Imposter Phenomenon

The imposter phenomenon, where individuals doubt their own abilities and accomplishments despite their ongoing success, can be linked to lost opportunities, talent mismanagement, and poor mental wellbeing. The issue is directly relevant to diversity, equity, and (particularly) inclusion, so what can organizations do to reduce its impact? Research suggests that around 70% of people will experience the imposter phenomenon at least once in their lives. Sometimes known as imposter syndrome—though the term has been criticized as pathologizing—the phenomenon leads to individuals failing to recognize [...]

607, 2022

5 Steps for Measuring the ‘Unmeasurable’ and Creating a Data-Led Diversity and Inclusion Plan

While plenty of businesses agree that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are key contributors to sustained success, many wish they were making more progress than they are. In this article, Eleanor Goichman Brett, trainer, and consultant at PDT Global (part of Affirmity), looks at why a data-driven approach is essential. DE&I gets treated very differently from typical business issues. There is a misconception that it isn’t possible or useful to measure DE&I-related activity or subjects. However, the proper way to approach DE&I [...]

1706, 2022

3 Questions the Working World Needs to Ask About LGBTQ+ Pride

Pride Month is here—an explosion of rainbows around your business, from Zoom backgrounds and notice boards, to email signatures and social media profile pictures. But when all of this Pride paraphernalia departs on July 1st, what will be left for your LGBTQ+ employees and customers? Alasdair James Scott, Senior Inclusion & Diversity Consultant at PDT Global (part of Affirmity) examines why Pride is a movement, not a moment. Pride continues to be a time for many LGBTQ+ people to be unapologetically [...]

2005, 2022

3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Wider View of Diversity

So you’ve finally done it—50% of your leadership are women and you have an LGBTQ+ CEO. You’ve finally crossed the finish line for diversity, equity and inclusion… right? In this article, Alice MacDonald, a consultant at PDT Global, examines why having representation across all levels alone won’t create long-term, sustainable change and shouldn’t be the end-goal of your DE&I efforts. While certainly not undesirable, diverse representation isn’t really the goal of your DE&I efforts. In reality, representation can’t cancel issues and inequities [...]

605, 2022

An Introduction to the 4 Key Strategies Every DE&I Program Needs

The perfect DE&I strategy doesn’t happen overnight. While the best strategies account for the needs of an organization’s culture and people, there are well-defined areas that need your attention. We believe there are four key strategies that are essential to DE&I success—here’s what you should know to get started on each of them. If we were tasked to boil the complexities of DE&I success down to just four basic ingredients, we would pick the following key strategies: Leading inclusively Knowing your diversity numbers and measuring [...]

1904, 2022

Read Our Highlights From the Future of DE&I 2022 Report

What is the state of play for DE&I in 2022? The recent Affirmity-sponsored HR Research Institute study, ‘The Future of DE&I 2022’, surveyed HR professionals on how diversity, equity, and inclusion are executed in their organizations. In this blog post, we’ve picked out some key highlights that help underline how much remains to be done—and some of the best tactics for getting it accomplished. 1) Organizations Continue to Lack Diversity in Their Leadership Ranks 47% of respondents say that women represent no more [...]

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