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1403, 2022

6 Disability-Inclusive Best Practices for Your Recruitment Process

by Eleanor Goichman Brett Is your organization doing everything it can to be an attractive employer for disabled candidates? You may be unknowingly turning away highly talented employees with any and all aspects of your recruitment process. From studying your diversity analytics to improving the language in your job specifications, read on to discover six best practices. One billion people globally live with a disability, accounting for around 15% of the global population. Nonetheless, people with disabilities are significantly less likely to be represented in [...]

302, 2022

3 Ways to Have Intersectionality Signpost the Road to Equity

by Taniya Sonko What is intersectionality and why is it important to factor into your DE&I efforts? In this article we examine this key way of understanding people’s experiences and suggest a number of ways that organizations can help employees bring every aspect of their identity to the workplace. Humans are multifaceted creatures. No one individual can be reduced down to a single social identity that defines everything about them. This layering of identities is an essential part of how we navigate the [...]

501, 2022

4 Steps to Help You Flip Your Classroom and Shake Up Your Inclusion Training

By Nic Girvan For most, 2020 will be remembered as a year to forget. But for one group—digital learning designers—it at least represented an exciting opportunity. In this article, Nic Girvan, Learning Director at PDT Global (now part of Affirmity), looks back on lessons we can all learn from a year of enforced remote working and the rather less clear-cut working regime that followed. Your digital DE&I learning program is no longer shiny and new. Employees are torn between remote and office working, and learning [...]

1712, 2021

4 Areas You May Not Have Considered When Mitigating Hiring Bias

Biases are inevitable in the hiring process, but that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about them. Counteracting bias requires a two-pronged approach: firstly, we can change the way we structure hiring to reduce the opportunities for our biases to be activated. Secondly, we can work to actively recognize and counteract bias when it occurs. Combined with assessment type and interview best practice, here are four areas that you should pay attention to. 1) Structural Changes That Prevent Bias in Hiring [...]

1512, 2021

Your Diversity Metrics: How to Break Down Employee Data and Benchmark Representation

It’s well-known that data-driven insights are the key to DE&I success, but data is a complex topic. Knowing what to collect and the context that data should be measured against isn’t so immediately obvious. In this article based on a recent webinar with a team of experts from Affirmity, we look at how companies can best break everything down and compare it to available benchmark data. What’s the Best Way for Companies to Aggregate or Break Down Their Employee Data? The starting point in any DE&I plan is [...]

2611, 2021

5 Inclusive Mindsets That Create Better Businesses for Employees With Disabilities

by Eleanor Goichman Brett The needs of employees with disabilities are too often overlooked, and their input not considered when developing accessible solutions. In this article, diversity and inclusion consultant/trainer, Eleanor Goichman Brett, delves into five inclusive mindsets that will help you better serve your workforce and your customers. While it goes without saying that we have a duty to create more inclusive and accessible businesses, it’s worth noting that such businesses are almost always more profitable. The UN estimates that there [...]

2411, 2021

Why Inclusion Matters (And How to Measure It!)

Diversity and Inclusion are terms that seem inseparable from each other when organizations talk about their workforces. There’s no D without I, but are they always given equal weighting? Read on to discover the statistical case for inclusion, and how to measure your efforts in order to make that case in your own organization. How Inclusion—Although Essential—Is Often Overlooked The Harvard Business Review describes the situation succinctly: “Most business leaders understand the diversity part of diversity and inclusion. They get that having a diverse workforce is important [...]

1911, 2021

3 Ways to Use Inclusion to Create a Better, More Diverse Work Environment

Sustaining a diverse organization takes more than simply hiring for diversity—those employees must feel fairly treated, safe, empowered, and valued if they’re going to stay. What’s the best way of cultivating these feelings? In this article, we’ll explore how you can do this by focusing on inclusive policies and expanding the range of opportunities available to all employees. 1) Creating a Diverse Pipeline Through Retention Despite the collapse of the reality (and the universal desirability) of a “job for life”, maximizing retention [...]

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