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1104, 2022

Emotional Intelligence: Do Your Leaders Walk the Talk?

  Organizational empowerment where everyone matters starts with emotionally intelligent leadership from the top on down. But a London-based consultant who works to help companies build diverse and inclusive cultures reveals that many companies talk the talk but don’t walk the walk on EQ. There is a famous story about a visit by President Kennedy to the NASA space center. When Kennedy noticed a man carrying a broom in one of the buildings, he asked: “What’s your job here?” The janitor [...]

804, 2022

Why Safeguarding Inclusion Is the Key to Riding Out the Great Resignation

by Nicole A. Simmonds-Jordan Your people thrive in an employee-centric environment, a fact unchanged by pandemic-based disruption. In fact, the call for truly inclusive workplaces and the growing impatience with those that fail to deliver them are among the many factors fueling the Great Resignation. Nicole A. Simmonds-Jordan, Global Account Director at PDT Global, a part of Affirmity, examines why—and how—businesses must live out their core values. Every month, for six consecutive months after July 2021, over 4 million Americans quit their jobs. The [...]

3003, 2022

5 Things We Need To Do To Close The Gender Wage Gap – Interview with Angela Peacock for Authority Magazine

“We need to challenge the unfounded gender biases such as benevolent bias” with Angela Peacock and Candice Georgiadis Interview for Authority Magazine 16th Sept 2019 - 23 min read We need to challenge the unfounded gender biases such as benevolent bias — the bias of kindness, where I choose to make a decision about your career without ever consulting you. It happens to men when they are making decisions about the careers of women but interestingly it also happens to women [...]

3003, 2022

5 Things Your Resource Groups Need In Order to Truly Drive Inclusion

by Angela Peacock Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are often touted as a key tool in the battle to create a truly inclusive workplace, but many organizations leverage them with only limited success. Angela Peacock, Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at PDT Global (part of Affirmity), considers what can be done to ensure that resource groups drive inclusion in your organization. While most of the corporate world has moved beyond the “inspirational speakers and glasses of wine” stage of resource group creation, centering inclusion efforts [...]

2503, 2022

Why “Bring Your Whole Self to Work” Is a Lie We Must Stop Telling

March 22, 2022  by Angela Peacock Organizations of every shape and size use the phrase “bring your whole self to work.” However, failing to stand by this statement may be causing untold damage to your diversity and inclusion programs and the reputation of your organization. In this article, Angie Peacock, Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at PDT Global (part of Affirmity), takes an honest look at this all-too-ambitious goal. Picture this: you’ve been in a new role for a couple of months. As [...]

1403, 2022

6 Disability-Inclusive Best Practices for Your Recruitment Process

by Eleanor Goichman Brett Is your organization doing everything it can to be an attractive employer for disabled candidates? You may be unknowingly turning away highly talented employees with any and all aspects of your recruitment process. From studying your diversity analytics to improving the language in your job specifications, read on to discover six best practices. One billion people globally live with a disability, accounting for around 15% of the global population. Nonetheless, people with disabilities are significantly less likely to be represented in [...]

302, 2022

3 Ways to Have Intersectionality Signpost the Road to Equity

by Taniya Sonko What is intersectionality and why is it important to factor into your DE&I efforts? In this article we examine this key way of understanding people’s experiences and suggest a number of ways that organizations can help employees bring every aspect of their identity to the workplace. Humans are multifaceted creatures. No one individual can be reduced down to a single social identity that defines everything about them. This layering of identities is an essential part of how we navigate the [...]

501, 2022

4 Steps to Help You Flip Your Classroom and Shake Up Your Inclusion Training

By Nic Girvan For most, 2020 will be remembered as a year to forget. But for one group—digital learning designers—it at least represented an exciting opportunity. In this article, Nic Girvan, Learning Director at PDT Global (now part of Affirmity), looks back on lessons we can all learn from a year of enforced remote working and the rather less clear-cut working regime that followed. Your digital DE&I learning program is no longer shiny and new. Employees are torn between remote and office working, and learning [...]

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