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2611, 2021

5 Inclusive Mindsets That Create Better Businesses for Employees With Disabilities

The needs of employees with disabilities are too often overlooked, and their input not considered when developing accessible solutions. In this article, diversity and inclusion consultant/trainer, Eleanor Goichman Brett, delves into five inclusive mindsets that will help you better serve your workforce and your customers. While it goes without saying that we have a duty to create more inclusive and accessible businesses, it’s worth noting that such businesses are almost always more profitable. The UN estimates that there are around 1 billion [...]

2411, 2021

Why Inclusion Matters (And How to Measure It!)

Diversity and Inclusion are terms that seem inseparable from each other when organizations talk about their workforces. There’s no D without I, but are they always given equal weighting? Read on to discover the statistical case for inclusion, and how to measure your efforts in order to make that case in your own organization. How Inclusion—Although Essential—Is Often Overlooked The Harvard Business Review describes the situation succinctly: “Most business leaders understand the diversity part of diversity and inclusion. They get that having a diverse workforce is important [...]

1911, 2021

3 Ways to Use Inclusion to Create a Better, More Diverse Work Environment

Sustaining a diverse organization takes more than simply hiring for diversity—those employees must feel fairly treated, safe, empowered, and valued if they’re going to stay. What’s the best way of cultivating these feelings? In this article, we’ll explore how you can do this by focusing on inclusive policies and expanding the range of opportunities available to all employees. 1) Creating a Diverse Pipeline Through Retention Despite the collapse of the reality (and the universal desirability) of a “job for life”, maximizing retention [...]

1711, 2021

Driving DE&I: Where to Begin and How to Impact Real Change [Q&A]

The merger of PDT Global and Affirmity has meant a unique offering has arrived in the inclusion and diversity world: measurement, design, application, and impact assessment offered by one organization—under one partnership. Discover how these simple principles can be followed by any business looking to drive DE&I forward in this Q&A with PDT Global’s Angela Peacock and Affirmity’s Pam Pujo. Phase 1: Measurement Q: With so much to do, why start with measurement first? Pam Pujo: If you don’t have any numbers [...]

1211, 2021

Reinforcing DE&I With Blended Learning: How to Deliver Training That Actually Lasts [Q&A]

There remain few constants that the modern employee can depend on in an uncertain working world. Well-meaning but questionably effective diversity training is surely among them. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way! In this Q&A with Nic Girvan, Learning Director, and Angela Peacock, Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at PDT Global, we explore how a blended learning approach promises to help these crucial D&I training messages stay and better resonate with your employees. Q: Starting With the Basics, [...]

1011, 2021

Are You Pulling the 9 “Levers” of Inclusion?

If your organization is serious about inclusion, there are nine points of leverage that you should already be exploiting in order to achieve your goal. Check that you’re on track with the tips in this article from Angela Peacock, Global Director D&I, PDT Global (a part of Affirmity), and explore a truly inclusive workforce. It could be observed that, at the current rate of progress on inclusion, it’s likely that our great-granddaughters will be the first of our descendants to have the same opportunities [...]

511, 2021

5 Unconscious Bias Myths and 5 Great Ways to Challenge Them

As organizations continue to grapple with inequality and its many causes, unconscious bias has emerged as one useful concept to be tackled by DE&I training initiatives. However, it’s an idea that has met with a degree of controversy. In this article, we examine five common myths you may hear from skeptics and offer five practical ways of challenging your own biases. 5 Myths About Unconscious Bias You May Have Heard Myth 1: “I Don’t Have Any Unconscious Biases” It goes without saying that [...]

311, 2021

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why Inclusion Training Must Always Be Tailored to Your Audience

Great inclusion training can still fall flat if it’s delivered to the wrong people. In this article, Angela Peacock—Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at PDT Global (part of Affirmity)—examines some of the ways that training should be adjusted to the needs of different levels of your organization. We’re often asked if we would put a group of senior executives through our inclusion escape room workshop. The answer is always the same: “it depends”. It depends on where your organization is on [...]

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