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606, 2015


The spectre of unconscious bias has ruled decision-making for too long, imperceptibly eating away at companies’ attempts to introduce diversity, says Angela Peacock. Do we have any racist, sexist, ageist homophobes in the room, or is it just me? Let’s not get all coy about this – the reality is that we are all riddled with bias. Pause for a moment and take a look at the people around you. If you don’t know them – and even if you do – [...]

1105, 2015

INSURANCE DAY | Eastern Talent, Western Leaders

Angela Peacock, Chair, The People Development Team Global insurance businesses must learn to manage diverse teams across geographies in a fair and totally consistent way to achieve the best possible business results. Take for a moment the global insurance company expanding rapidly into Asia-Pacific and managing a diverse pool of local market managers – each manager an outstanding talent in their field; loyal, capable and fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to negotiate in the local markets. These highly talented [...]

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