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2402, 2021

Is Hybrid Working the Real Challenge for 2021?

We got used to the WFH challenge, and we’re only now waking up to the blended challenge. So, what can leaders do to adapt to the hybrid working model? A major point for consideration is inclusion – or rather, the potential for excluding remote colleagues. Senior Associate for PDT Global, Paul Brady, discusses the need for transparency and positive actions to ensure remote workers don’t feel like second class citizens in his latest article for C-Level Online. Read the article in [...]

802, 2021

We have been merged with Affirmity

  Please note our exciting news that Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), the provider of services and software for digital learning and talent management, has acquired our firm. We have been merged with Affirmity. Affirmity, a US-based organisation headquartered in Irving, Texas that  provides a robust portfolio of software, services, and training solutions that help customers minimise risk and experience the positive impacts of Affirmative Action and Diversity and Inclusion in the workforce. Drawing on more than 45 years of experience, [...]

402, 2021

How Business Leaders Can Create True Inclusion for People with Disabilities

  People with disabilities are under-represented in the workplace. Gender is often touted as a more important priority for diversity and inclusion activity – because more than half the population is female. But people with disabilities make up the next largest group yet they are often overlooked. Even when organizations do seek to include people who are differently abled, they often start with an occupational health assessment – telling people what they already know about themselves at a cost to the [...]

402, 2021

Five Top Tips for Encouraging Inclusive Language in the Workplace

  One thing we have all been taught from a young age is that words matter. Have you really wanted to speak about a topic affecting minority groups but stopped and thought:  "Wait, can I say that?" If you look through history, you can see a direct correlation between slurs being socially acceptable, and strife inequality. The same goes for organizations. If a culture exists where non-inclusive language is either encouraged or not called out, employees from diverse backgrounds will feel [...]

1801, 2021

Why the Insurance Industry Can’t Risk Downplaying Inclusion

  Disasters such as the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the Chernobyl nuclear accident are said to have involved flawed decisions, driven by individual perceptions. Not surprisingly, individuals’ behaviours—and the perceptions that drive those behaviour's—are key to determining the safety performance of an organization. Angela Peacock explains why the insurance industry can’t risk downplaying inclusion in her latest article for Carrier Management.     Read the article in full here: Why the Insurance Industry Can’t Risk Downplaying Inclusion

1301, 2021

Why 2021 Is a Golden Opportunity to Break the Training Mould

  We need to take what we have learned from last year’s social needs, geographical restrictions, and the human desire to own something we can control and talk about the factors that will truly inform strategies in 2021. Director of Learning, Nic Girvan, talks screen fatigue, budgets and training that is outside of the usual tick box in her latest article for Training Magazine.   Read the article in full here: Why 2021 Is a Golden Opportunity to Break the Training Mould

1301, 2021

Lessons for Learning Teams: What the Pandemic Has Taught Us

  Change tends to bring a mixture of brilliant opportunities and worrying realities. In times of crisis, there are those who get creative — and those who resolutely stick with what they know. In Nic Girvan's latest article for Chief Learning Officer, she shares just what the pandemic has taught us about L&D   Read the article in full here:    

2212, 2020

The 9 “Levers” to Pull If You’re Serious About Inclusion

  Inclusion is a crucial differentiator for companies. At the current rate of progress with inclusion, it won’t be our daughters who stand the same chance as our sons of being the next CEOs. In Angela Peacock's latest article for Training Magazine she shares the inclusion 'levers' that need to be implemented together if organisations are serious about inclusion.   Read the article in full here: Don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn for our latest updates and events: PDT Global LinkedIn

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