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2510, 2019

The Insurance Risk Factor – Insurance Post blog by Angela Peacock

Our CEO Angela Peacock writes about how workplace culture undermined by bias can affect safety and risk management in her blog for The Insurance Post titled -The Inclusion Risk Factor.   In Angela's words, 'A number of major disasters are all said to have involved flawed decisions, driven by individual perceptions. Disasters such as the King’s Cross fire, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the Chernobyl nuclear accident are all said to have involved flawed decisions, driven by individual perceptions'. Angela [...]

2506, 2019

How to support an employee coming out at work – Business News Daily article

Our senior consultant, Alasdair James Scott contributed to a recent article in the Business News Daily on 'How to support an employee coming out at work' In Alasdair's words, 'Many LGBTQ people think a lack of support from colleagues and supervisors, and past experience of discrimination, are often preventing them revealing their authentic selves and identity at work". "The importance of a supportive social environment plays a huge role in a person's coming-out decisions in an organization". You can read the [...]

1607, 2018

Carrier Management | Diversity and Inclusion Help Drive Business Success

While companies are starting to realize that diversity and inclusion drive positive business results, such cultural change isn't always easy to achieve. Angela Peacock, chair of PDT Global, talks to Carrier Management about the first steps that can be taken to effect such change. There has never been a better time for the insurance profession to begin deepening the conversations around diversity and inclusion (D&I). In fact, there has never been a better time to capitalise on the fact that [...]

3011, 2017

BORSEN | Don’t Work with People You Don’t Like – Like More People

Our Chair, Angie Peacock was recently interviewed by Gro Høyer Thielst at the Danish publication Brosen. Børsen is a Danish newspaper specialising in business news published in Denmark.Gordon Ritter, Check out the interview here and let us know your thoughts! ARTICLE SUMMARY Angie talks about one of her favorite topics - creating an inclusive environment where everyone who has the ability can excel.  That doesn't mean you work with people you don't like, but it does mean you may need to [...]

1511, 2017

Neue Zürcher Zeitung | We Don’t Just Want To Be Nice To Each Other

by:  Jeremy Lewis What's behind the boom in courses where managers discuss equal opportunity and their unconscious biases? The seminar has an esoteric air about it. Eight line managers of a bank discuss their unconscious biases.  What biases do I have? How do they influence my professional decisions? What role do they play in the recruitment and composition of my team, in daily meetings or promotions? The external training coach Jeremy Lewis guides UBS employees in Zurich through the three-hour seminar. [...]

2807, 2017

THE WEEKENDAVISEN | Angela Peacock: The Fighter!

The story of how a girl from the East End of London became a leading international voice on diversity and inclusion PDT's chair Angela Peacock recently spoke to the renowned Danish weekend newspaper Weekendavisen as part of 'Voices of Europe' - a series of 32 articles featuring voices from London, Athens, Paris and Berlin. Here she tells her personal story and gives her view about the challenges of diversity & inclusion in London after Brexit. All voices are written and photgraphed by Minna Grooss (published [...]

2405, 2017

INSURANCE JOURNAL | Emotional Intelligence: Do Your Leaders Walk the Talk?

Organizational empowerment where everyone matters starts with emotionally intelligent leadership from the top on down. But a London-based consultant who works to help companies build diverse and inclusive cultures reveals that many companies talk the talk but don’t walk the walk on EQ. There is a famous story about a visit by President Kennedy to the NASA space center. When Kennedy noticed a man carrying a broom in one of the buildings, he asked: “What’s your job here?” The janitor [...]

1004, 2017

INSIDER QUARTERLY | The Inclusion Factor

  Having spent many years working with the insurance profession, driving conversations from the original "ABC of diversity" and "We have to do this!" through to deeper inclusion discussions, it is encouraging that I am now encountering increasing numbers of senior teams who truly see creating an inclusive environment as a key lever in achieving their strategic goals. Initially, the link was understood purely in the sense of matching customers - if we don't do this we won't be able to [...]

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