Race Allyship – Tone from the Top2021-11-02T17:50:49+00:00

Race Allyship – Tone from the Top


An ally is someone who stands up for justice and equality of a group that they aren’t part of, like white people standing beside the black community in calling for an end to police brutality. In terms of the workplace an ally means challenging  the microaggressions and any systematic injustices there are.

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The first step to practising allyship is believing in equality for all people. Any person can say this is what they believe, but practising allyship is about changing the way we look at the world and the workplace.

Taking our belief that  Black, Asian, or any other ethnic minorities face discrimination and as a result of their race or ethnicity, can be socially and economically disadvantaged across society, and actively working to change this.

White colleagues can learn tools to become more confident to create a workplace culture in which discrimination is not tolerated and everyone can thrive.