Respect and Integrity: The Workplace Reality2021-10-30T17:57:55+00:00

Respect and Integrity: The Workplace Reality


Often having those difficult conversations around all manner of topics in this space is a challenge for leaders. It can actually seem more daunting the higher they climb in the enterprise. This workshop offers the chance to explore and develop real skills to lead and manage in the 21st century.

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We create space to learn the skills and techniques for dealing with these sensitive issues.  We build respect, educate and preserve or build the integrity of all  concerned.

With harassment, bullying and tolerance as central themes, a series of scenarios are shared. Through discussions that follow each scenario, participants navigate Intent and explore Impact.

Our raft of interactive content models respect and integrity throughout. We help participants to develop the mindset and language that will equip them to respond whether they witness an incident or experience one.

We offer the tools to create a safe space to talk about these subjects in the workplace. These techniques aim to help participants develop respect for others’ perspectives and retain personal integrity by using an inclusive approach that contributes strongly to workplace culture that is sensitive to the lived experience of all employees.