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Respect and Integrity – the Workplace Reality

When harassment issues are clear-cut, then the processes around it also are. But in reality, majority of cases fall into a ‘grey area’. As a victim, perpetrator or bystander – deciding how to respond can be difficult with questions like – “what will happen if I speak out, challenge or report it?” and “will I make the situation worse?“.

Actually, a change of mindset could make the process easier. Moving to a mindset that focuses on impact rather than intent enables the focus to be shifted to the consequences rather than apportion blame. This mindset provides the opportunity to:

  • call people in‘ to the conversation rather than calling them or the issue out
  • help people understand the impact of their behaviour
  • educate and support where lack of knowledge or understanding is a contributor (and it often is)
  • listen with grace and accept that there has been an unintended impact
  • build understanding and agree how to move forward constructively

Many issues can start as something small (and probably insignificant), this more inclusive approach can prevent further escalation, help identify constructive ways forward and build a more inclusive culture.

Respect and Integrity – the Workplace Reality creates a space where individuals can learn the skills and techniques to deal with issues such as harassment, using constructive approaches that can intervene early, build respect, educate and preserve or build the integrity of all concerned. Our raft of interactive content models respect and integrity throughout, helping participants to develop the mindset and language that will equip them to respond whether they witness an incident or experience it. Critically, it also equips people with the capability to react appropriately if they are accused. 

This programme is designed to create understanding amongst participants and equip them to:

 – understand why this discussion is important now
– apply a principle based objective approach when needing to build respect
– take greater responsibility as leaders for fostering respect and integrity in the workplace
– align the approach with the intent of the law and organisational policy
– make the appropriate choices in how to respond to issues such as harassment
– apply tools/principles to enable and support their responses as ‘sender’, ‘receiver’ and ‘observer’
– create measurable next steps and actions that are meaningful for them

We are conscious that leaders are often working within the context of the global organisational policy and local jurisdiction. This session is about practising principles that build respect and integrity. Principles that will align with the intent of the law in many but not all jurisdictions. We will therefore work with you to ensure that all content aligns with policy and practice in the context of the relevant jurisdiction.