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In the wake of the #MeToo, #TimesUp and the #BlackLivesMatter movements, previous levels of tolerance around inappropriate behaviour, racism and sexual harassment are, rightly, being called into question. If leaders ignore the ‘elephant in the room’ or drive these conversations underground it can be damaging for business.

Companies want to create an open supportive environment which breeds respect and understanding. Such an environment increases morale and increases productivity, as well as simply being the human thing to do.

Individuals want to be able to express their views and their sense of self without judgement or recrimination, and above all people want to be respected for who they are and have their voice heard.

PDT Global’s Respect and Integrity: The Workplace Reality solution creates the space for participants to consider their point of view about these difficult topics and equip them to take greater control over the way they interact with others for mutual respect. It’s an essential tool in the Inclusive Leaders training toolbox to help create an inclusive environment where everyone with the capability and desire to excel, can.