These programmes offer a selection of our more in-depth offerings and also those that have been designed for a specific need or geographical area. It gives a flavour of how flexible we can be and also offers the chance to discover more about some different ways of supporting the inclusion and diversity messages in your enterprise.


Topics that may once have been considered unsuitable for discussion in the workplace such as the #metoo campaign, the political situation in the US, race (e.g. Black Lives Matter) are now being broached. This has become more prevalent with the growth of social media and if we ignore the ‘elephant in the room’ or drive these conversations underground it can be damaging for business.

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Without an inclusive environment, there is no guarantee of safety.

This is a  bold statement but one that has many layers of truth within it. Creating an inclusive environment, one where everyone with the capability to excel … can, is something we accept as critical to future organisational success. We can hire better talent, retain a more diverse workforce, innovate better and so on. For industries such as energy, construction, transportation, manufacturing and many others, there’s a urgent, business-critical reason to make inclusive decisions – workplace safety!

The business case for inclusion is a strong one. The capacity for bias to unconsciously undermine inclusion and impact upon safety should not be underestimated. Bias can undermine organisational culture, affecting behaviours and decisions, in turn having a profound impact on safety


Our masterclass for recruiters is designed to ensure your recruiters can and do enable a truly inclusive recruitment practice which drives diverse results. The programme is modular and can be run as a face-to-face program; or virtually as a series of 3 x 2-hour advanced webinars.  A blend of both methods is also possible.  Optional Action Planning and further embedding options are available.

Module one – Strategic Inclusion and Reducing Bias in Recruiting

This module ensures that the recruiters in your organisation truly understand what the impact of sustaining an inclusive recruitment process means to the success of your organisation.  We help them to use visuals, storytelling and data to enable them to understand the difference between diversity and inclusion, and the impact on specific areas of your strategy (Business Development, Risk Assessment, Technological Integration, Geographical Expansion and Cultural Change).

This module not only has them understand the importance and impact, but also equips them with the knowledge and language to advocate with even the most resistant hiring managers.

Next we introduce the concept of both conscious and unconscious bias and explore their impacts on recruitment. We move the delegates beyond the simple concepts of Negative and Affinity biases to the more complex Benevolent and Intersectional biases.

This session has the recruiters recognise their own biases and gain some tips to reduce them in their role.

Module two – Mitigating Bias in the Recruiting Process

This module has the recruiters explore an end to end process.  They identify the possible points in the process where bias may occur and decide how they can positively effect this.

We share the practice of “Governance Guidelines” (if appropriate to your organisation), simple actions for each stage that ensure an inclusive approach.

Finally, the process is revisited from an inclusive perspective and the points that can be harnessed to promote inclusion are identified.

Execs, Candidate feedback, Advertising might be used to promote the organisation as an inclusive enterprise to the outside world.


Module three – Bias Reduction Tools

Recruiters are often in a position where they need the hiring manager to think differently, or to take an alternative perspective during the recruitment process.

Our tools and techniques offer a practical approach that can be used whatever the hierarchy differences.

Using real situation application, the recruiters discover the step-by-step techniques and apply them in the learning situation.  Through role-play and case studies, we recreate the kind of conversations they will need to have to help others overcome their biases.


Diversity Committees, Champions and even ERG or network groups are great advocates for this work. Our Masterclasses ensure they are carrying a powerful message in a way your business needs to hear it and also that they are advocating not just for their area of interest but for the ultimate success of the company through creating inclusive environments where diverse teams can flourish.

We can craft a programme that is right for your needs however our most popular approach is one that combines the following.

Inclusion as a strategic business driver. As an advocate we have to speak the language of the business. We know from research that 60% of people in any organisation are not convinced that diversity has anything to do with them. Its not about shouting louder its about changing the message, and nothing speaks louder than a message that has the business outcomes front and centre. With our background in strategy we help them articulate at a granular level, drawing clear lines between inclusive workplaces, their own special interest group and just how it will impact the company in the short and medium terms.

Coming to a place of neutrality where they can help others share their real thoughts around diversity and inclusion is key to any advocate. We have them discover their own biases and so be less judgmental of those of others

All along the way sharing tips and techniques to enable their advocacy to engage others and drive inclusion .

Finally we offer a planning module. This can be designed to fit with your approach currently but has groups be very specific about what they will deliver, by when, and the impact of those activities on the overall ambition.


HRBPs can be the culture carriers for this work. Having a cadre of professionals who understand both inclusion and diversity at a deep level can make or break the move to an inclusive culture.

We design programmes that work for different levels in your organisation – and also offer in team programmes where a whole geographical team can make plans as to how it can support inclusion.

Our Masterclass Programmes are the most popular at all levels. Beginning with helping the HRBPs to both understand the business and strategic case – at a granular level and also at a wider level – we help them articulate this from the board room to the new recruit in a safe role play environment.

Next we bring a deep understanding of their own biases and also their own triggers. This work is based upon the need for HRBPs to be able to demonstrate a non-judgemental approach – thus enabling others to do the same.

This moves to some practical tools that enable conversations around this topic – even if the person they are challenging is several layers above them . Being able to help others explore their biases and approach to inclusion is key.

Finally we turn practical and have them rework a 

current process and be able not only to spot the biases that might affect them but plan to reduce them.

Embedding and continuous learning is available