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Many people can recall a time when they were exposed to workplace behaviour that made them or others uncomfortable. Can you think of a time someone in a meeting joked about another group of people, evoking laughter from everyone else in the room? Or have you worked on a team in which the men seemed to get better projects even though female colleagues were equally or better suited for the work?

It takes courage to address biased and offensive language and conduct in the workplace. Relationships and career opportunities potentially hang in the balance. But wouldn’t it be worth taking the risk in order to achieve full employee engagement and organisational effectiveness?


It is incumbent on leaders not only to seek to be more inclusive in their own practice, but also to support others to do so. This can mean initiating conversations about where they see bias at play in the day-to-day interactions of others. An approach is called for which is non-confrontational, but which enables a critical conversation to be initiated. This workshop provides tools to support such interventions.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                   1 to 2 hours
Virtual                                              1 to 2 hours

  • A supportive dialogue framework to conduct courageous conversations with others
  • A tool to help spot bias in others and identify opportunities to intervene.

A shared commitment to seek out and act upon opportunities to support others to be more inclusive.

Participants will gain confidence, and practice skills, to initiate difficult conversations when they spot non-inclusive behaviour or decision-making in others.