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Train the Trainer / Train the Virtual Facilitator


Our intense Train the Trainer program enables your teams to deliver dynamic and practical sessions on any of the content outlined in our proposal. It equips them with a deep understanding of the elements of the program elected – and the confidence to run similar (possibly shorter) workshops at upcoming leadership events.

Participants will discover vital connections between inclusion and organization and this developmental training program with enable your team to plan and deliver impactful workshops and masterclasses around your choice of inclusion, unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, respect and integrity and women’s leadership, giving them the confidence to support the wider population with access to the activities, videos and content included in PDT Global’s inclusion portfolio.

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PDT Global have been leaders in the design and delivery of live virtual classroom training for over a decade. We’ve now developed a programme that ensures your own trainers can design and deliver virtual content.

This programme will help those skilled and capable classroom facilitators to develop and enhance existing skills. It will enable them to understand and recognise nuanced differences between classroom and live virtual interactive learning environments, and learn tools and techniques to ensure that their live virtual learning is as effective and engaging as the classroom – if not more so.  We engage the learners in a fully interactive series of workshops so they are trained using the same techniques we are sharing with them! This includes a full audio service so any delegate may speak and converse at any time.

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