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PDT Global Webinars

September – November 2022 Series

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Microaggressions and Micro Behaviours

Wed 7th Sept at 10.30am BST / 4pm IST

Wed 14th Sept at 5pm BST / 11am CDT

Small but deadly, this 2 hour webinar will be a journey through Micro behaviours and how to avoid them! Micro aggressions and micro behaviours are the seemingly insignificant damage laden actions that we may take constantly in our daily lives. Often unnoticed they can creep out of us causing damage to others, and systemic damage to our diversity work. This workshops shines a bright light onto them, and shows how PDT helps their clients to avoid them in themselves and deal with them in their teams.

International Men’s Day

Wed 21st Sept at 10.30am BST / 4pm IST

Wed 28th Sept at 5pm BST / 11am CDT

Wondering what to do for International Men’s Day? With research telling us that a third of men are feeling excluded at work, and two thirds feeling that their company focus on diversity and inclusion has no business significance, what are we missing?  In our 90 min webinar we invite you to join us as we explore the ‘expectations’ and ‘stereotypes’ around the way men should behave at work – and how these expectations may be damaging both personally and organisationally.  Deep stuff and perfect for something different

Psychological Safety Escape Room

Wed 5th Oct at 10.30am BST / 4pm IST

Thurs 13th Oct at 5pm BST / 11am CDT

In today’s world of hybrid working we now see Psychological Safety more than ever as an essential part of creating an inclusive environment in the workplace. Our Escape Room is a dramatic, high-pressure, collaborative experience that doesn’t just talk about psychological safety practice, it requires your teams to demonstrate it. Let us show you how. In just 2 hours we lead you through original puzzles, cryptic clues and microlearning opportunities to reveal the reality of Psychological Safety in your organisation. This live virtual experience blows wide open the business case for safety.

Psychological Safety

Wed 19th Oct at 10.30am GMT / 4pm IST

Wed 26th Oct at 5pm GMT / 11am CDT

Psychological Safety is an essential part of creating an inclusive environment in the workplace. But how do we create it in our teams – and what is different from simply reducing bias and holding open meetings?  In this webinar based on our latest workshop we show how to lead your teams to a place where each member feels truly safe to employ their whole self – the positive, negative and all in between – possibly the ultimate approach to inclusion.

Allyship in Today’s World

Wed 2nd Nov at 10.30am GMT / 4pm IST

Wed 9th Nov at 5pm GMT / 11am CDT

Enabling great Allyship is hard – preventing performative allyship is harder still. This 2 hour webinar shows how PDT is creating environments where allies drive the diversity agenda like never before.  Join us to see how to power up your allyship journey.

Accelerating Women / Myths of Politics and Power

Thurs 17th Nov at 10.30am GMT / 4pm IST

Thurs 17th Nov at 5pm GMT / 11am CDT

Accelerating Women is PDT Global’s renown and popular menu based development programme. Spend 2 hours and discover just one of the most popular modules.  The Myths of Politics and Power debunks old assumptions and shares new information about what it takes to navigate as a woman inside a large organisation – it encourages engaging with the power group, but in your own way.  It is a powerful and action-packed module – as is the whole program.  Discover how the program might work for women in your organisation.


Wed 23rd Nov at 10.30am GMT / 4pm IST

Wed 30th Nov at 5pm GMT / 11am CDT

Whilst most people are classed as ‘neurotypical’ meaning their brain functions in the way society expects it to it’s estimated that around 1 in 10 people are ‘neurodivergent’ meaning their brains function outside of that societal norm.  Join our 2 hour webinar to discover how PDT brings this to life and explores how fostering neurodiverse talent can lead to numerous business benefits.