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PDT Global Webinars

February to June 2022 Series

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Accelerating Women / Myths of Politics and Power

17th February at 9am GMT / 5pm HK

23rd February at 5pm GMT / 11am CDT

Accelerating Women is PDT Global’s renown and popular menu based women’s development programme. Here we share just one of the most popular modules. The Myths of Politics and Power debunks old assumptions and shares new information about what it takes to navigate as a woman inside a large organisation – it encourages stepping into and engaging with the power group, but in your own way, and ensures we have a series of “win/wins “ in our career. We will also share more on designing the full programme.

Microaggressions and Micro Behaviours

2nd March at 9am GMT / 5pm HK

9th March at 5pm GMT / 11am CDT

Small but deadly, this webinar will be a journey through Micro behaviours and how to avoid them! Micro aggressions and micro behaviours are the seemingly insignificant damage laden actions that we may take constantly in our daily lives. Often unnoticed they can creep out of us causing damage to others, and systemic damage to our diversity work. This workshops shines a bright light onto them and shows how to avoid them in ourselves and deal with them in our teams.

PDT’s  Innovative Virtual  Inclusion  Escape  Room

16th March at 9am GMT / 5pm HK

23rd March at 5pm GMT / 12pm CDT

PDT Global has combined our years of inclusion experience and learning with a masterfully innovative gamification experience like no other!  Since we launched last June, our Escape Rooms have been delivered in every corner of the world and to huge acclaim. On this webinar you get to experience our Virtual Inclusion Escape Room – a dramatic, high-pressure, collaborative experience that doesn’t just talk about inclusive practice, it requires your teams to demonstrate it.

Allyship in Today’s World

30th March at 9am BST / 4pm HK

7th April at 5pm BST / 11am CDT

Allies in the workplace can be DEI champions by serving as mentors or sponsors to employees from marginalised groups, who may feel their ideas and contributions aren’t being recognised because of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other characteristic.  PDT Global’s Allyship for Today’s World’ programme is designed for any colleagues who want to step up their allyship of people in marginalised groups.  The virtual classroom engages the learners in a fully interactive workshop.

Reducing Bias – Hiring Manager

27th April at 9am BST / 4pm HK

3rd May at 5pm BST / 11am CDT

Hiring is at the coal face of many organisation’s efforts in increasing representation of difference, commonly seen as the “silver bullet” in bringing in diversity.  Inevitably interviews are often riddled with bias, whether that is in the process, the interviewer or the lack of criteria.  PDT global invite you to experience the workshop and digital resources that can change all that for your organisation. Let us show you how this should be done in order to drive diverse hires and create inclusive interview experiences.

Making Inclusion Real

11th May at 9am BST / 4pm HK

18th May at 5pm BST / 11am CDT

Your top teams play the most vital role in shaping the shift towards true inclusion.  We have devised this workshop to give a training experience that will challenge your leaders to reflect deeply on their roles as change agents towards inclusion, to understand the impact they can have on how inclusion is felt across the organization and to discover what actions they need to take to lead inclusively.  During this webinar you can experience how impactful the polling, videos, self reflection and break out discussions are for yourself.