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On the face of it, tolerance is a good thing – after all it’s the opposite of intolerance, But no one wants to be simply ‘tolerated’ – we all want to be accepted for who we are – however different that might be.

Accepting other people doesn’t mean you have to agree with or approve of them, nor does it mean having to be someone you aren’t or downplaying the impact of their behaviour upon you.

Acceptance means being OK to work alongside people who are different to us without avoiding them or trying to change them, seeing the bigger picture and understanding their motivations to allow us to engage in the most effective and productive way for everyone.

Register for a 7 day trial of our latest digital inclusion nudges, designed to help you and your employees to:  

  • Recognise what you will and won’t accept in behaviour in others – and the reasons why
  • Realise the power and importance of taking time to understand those we may find more challenging to work with  
  • Challenge your own behaviours and the impact that you may have on others around you


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